Our Programs

TSMH has devised unique wellness programs for corporates and communities.

Geeta and Stress Management

The Gita and Stress Management program helps examine problems related to mental health, and how the teachings of Gita can be a permanent solution for such problems. The Gita has been widely studied and interpreted globally.

The Gita and Stress Management program is an interpretation of the teachings of Gita, in terms of issues of modern mental health. The program seeks to find out how the Gita’s teaching can provide answers to problems related to today’s stress and stress-related illnesses.

Yog Nidra, a solution

Our modern lifestyle consists of higher stress levels, additional pressures, bad food habits, all of which affect our sleep. Sleep deprivation due to unhealthy habits can affect an individual’s physical and mental health. Yog Nidra is an ancient technique to achieve a good night’s sleep without any medicine.

TSMH has devised its unique Yog Nidra Program, based on ancient knowledge and concepts. Practising Yog Nidra regularly provides your mind and body deep relaxation and powerful benefits.

Silly Point

Cricket, the famous sport played in countries like England, Australia, and the Indian Subcontinent, requires an entire array of mental health techniques. Sport psychologists and performance psychologists, typically use these techniques while consulting with sporting performers and coaches globally, to enhance performance levels.

Cricket is both a team sport and an individual sport; as a result, cricketers need psychological interventions which apply for a team of athletes (e.g. rugby league) as well as for solo sports (e.g. golf). Cricket requires very specialized forms of communication, normally only applicable to those who play doubles in sports such as tennis, badminton and beach volleyball.

Our Silly Point program dwells on all these aspects of psychology through interactive discussions with the famous cricket journalist, Dwarkanath Sanzgiri.

It is a stage show which would teach many aspects of mental conditioning, through an interactive chat about how world famous cricketers managed and excelled in their careers.

This is being conducted in all cricketing nations. It is a powerful tool for budding cricketers to learn the nuances of cricketing psychology, while giving insights into the psychological preparation undertaken by famous sportsmen. It is an enjoyable experience for all cricket lovers!

silly point