There has been a considerable rise in mental health awareness. Despite an increase in awareness, many people still do not openly seek help to develop and maintain mental fitness. As a result, the demand for mental health services is high, yet, there are insufficient number of skilled professionals to address this high demand. There are an insufficient number of existing educational programs and mental health professionals to address the rising mental health issues, causes, and trends. Moreover, many of the programs and professionals are often insufficiently prepared to tackle the changing mental health landscape.


Our certifications provide insight into issues typically not covered in regular University curriculum.

These certificate programs are for those who already have a degree in psychology and psychiatry. Certificate programs are short-term, with specializations in fields like children and parenting, de-addiction, helping corporate and communities.

Our Certificate Courses

Internet De-addiction Course
Internet Addiction Disorder includes physical impairment, social and functional impairment , emotional impairment , compulsive internet use, and an internet dependency. Our certificate course will train you to offer individual, group, or family therapy training, in behavior modification, recreation therapy, and reality therapy.
More to come!

Masters in Mental Health

(Proposed to be launched in 2021)

TSMH’s Masters in Mental Health (MMH) will be a specialised mental health education program. Our lifestyle, globalisation, industrialisation, global migration, cultural amalgamation, and technological advancements, are some factors which have been affecting global mental health at large for the past few decades . TSMH has researched and developed the MMH curriculum for mental health experts, providing state of the art teaching and methodology. The robust curriculum will assist health experts, in facilitating the society’s approach towards tackling current mental health issues and lifestyle challenges.

Program Details

MMH is a two year post-graduate degree program, providing specializations in topics such as children & parenting, and marriage & relationship. The student passing out of MMH degree will be specialised in one of the sectors and will practice only in the said domain.

The MMH curriculum  will be taught on campus, as well as through  distance learning, with an emphasis on practical  field learning and real time observation exposure.

The MMH degree holder will have numerous opportunities in hospitals, clinical setups , or his or her self set up as a Mental Health Expert practitioner.

The Masters in Mental Health (MMH) curriculum is scheduled to launch in 2021.