About Us

Texas School of Mental Health LLC (TSMH) is founded by Dr. Narendra Nigalye and Mr. Girish Lad in Texas, USA. The Stichting Texas School of Mental Health is founded by Mr. Ravindra Marathe and Mr. Girish Lad in the Netherlands.

TSMH has a vision to provide mental health services at the grassroots level, by providing state of the art education to bridge the gap between the demand of mental health services & the supply, through qualified professionals.

TSMH is working on various long-term and short-term certification programs, to enhance the skills of psychologists & counsellors. TSMH also offers mental health first aid programs to social workers and activists, enabling them to  address mental health issues at primary levels.

TSMH realized that every community has a different  set of belief systems, which play an integral part of their lifestyle. TSMH’s research wing conducts  conscientious research, and provides inputs to create easy to understand programs for communities, corporates and individuals. Gita and Stress Management, Cricket and Mental Health are some examples of creative community programs designed by TSMH.

TSMH aims to define mental health tests, similar to pathology tests, to quantify individuals’  mental health status and work towards it. TSMH offers certified and customized psychometric tests for all age groups and communities, addressing  various objectives such as stress and anxiety, with hundreds of traits services.

TSMH has worked with esteemed  clients such as the British Council and the Indian Embassy of Netherlands, as well as partners like MGM University, Institute of Psychology and Health, and Brainberg.


Our vision is to provide a culturally fair, holistic, and wellness- focused curriculum. This curriculum can train competent mental health professionals to help prevent individuals from developing mental health challenges, and address socio-economic problems for those who suffer on account of the same.


To be committed to the mental wellness of individuals, their families, and the overall community, through research and training for the prevention, intervention, and treatment of mental health problems

Core Values


Girish Lad

Girish Lad

Girish Lad has over 20 years of international business experience in information technology and social innovations. He is the founding member of Magnum Opus IT Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Rising India Research Foundation, and Academic Council Member of MGM University.

ravindra marathe

Ravindra Marathe
The Netherlands

Ravindra Marathe has over 25 years of international business experience in fields like merchant banking, manufacturing, public sector services, and financial services. He has worked in various countries within Europe and the Americas. Ravindra is closely associated with social initiatives which emphasize mental well-being, through various activities like Yoga Nidra; he is also a part of the Rising India foundation.

Dr. Narendra L Nigalye

Dr. Narendra L Nigalye

Dr. Narendra L Nigalye is an Internal Medicine Specialist in Brownwood, Texas. He graduated with Honors in 1987, and has over 33 years of diverse experience, especially in Internal Medicine. Dr. Nigalye is affiliated with Brownwood Regional Medical Center, and collaborates with many other doctors and specialists in various medical groups, including Regional Employee Assistance Program Inc.

Anagha Joshi

Anagha Joshi

Anagha Joshi has more than 15 years experience in core chemistry and cancer drug research working with multi cultural and diverse teams. A graduate of University of San Francisco, she currently chairs the Health & Wellness Committee in San Ramon Valley Unified School District and has experience working with children with special needs.

Our Partners

Mental Health is comparatively new for everyone, and global research on mental health only began in the 1990s.

Texas School of Mental Health has strategic partnerships with various domain expert entities, and individuals, who have specialized knowledge and experience in the various Mental Health fields.

Institute of Psychology and Health (IPH) is a 30 year old mental health organization, having devised hundreds of mental health programs on various issues. IPH is our knowledge partner.

Muktangan has been involved in de-addiction services for more than 30 years, and has de-addicted thousands of men and women for various types of addiction. 

Brainberg specializes in polymetric tests and analysis. The organization has devised hundreds of tests for corporations, students and communities, conducting over 50,000 psychometric tests. Brainberg is a member of the International Test Commission, USA.  

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